About Lifestyle 114

Lifestyle 114 was established in 2020 during the world pandemic known as Covid 19. After racing locally and abroad as a professional Enduro athlete for the past 6 years Dwayne Kleynhans decided to retire from full-time racing and start focusing on growing his brand and business and giving back to the biking community. Dwayne still race’s at a high level in Motocross, Enduro and Extreme Enduro all while having fun along with his full time job. He loves the industry and is still very involved in riding/racing in South Africa.  There are big plans for Lifestyle 114 and the brand ONE1FOUR. Stay tuned for all products and tips that has helped Dwayne excel in his racing career.

Online platform that brings QUALITY MOTO PRODUCT PRODUCTS straight to your doorstep.
Dwayne Kleynhans