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CT bashplates are manufactured from 8mm HDPE. The bashplates are CNC machined and then thermo formed in shape. The fixing brackets are from 15mm HDPE and are CNC machined. A steel insert is insert into the brackets so that the bolts don’t pull out. All the fixing bolts are stainless steel. On the bottom of the bashplate everything is smooth with no bolts sticking out. A CNC machined aluminium washer is inserted on the bottom fixing points so that the stainless steel countersunk bolts can be flush with the bashplate. The 65 and 85 bashplates are made from 6mm HDPE.


  • 40% lighter than its predecessor in aluminium
  • Creates no vibrations
  • Slides over rocks and logs
  • Higher impact resistance and durability
  • No dents

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KTM/HUSKY 150 TPI, KTM/HUSKY 250-300 2T 17-current, KTM/HUSKY 250-500 4T 17-current, KTM/HUSKY 65cc 13-current, KTM/HUSKY 85cc 13-current, Yamaha 125x/250x