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  • shell construction utilizes a highly advanced molding technology with a multi-composite combination
  • uni-directional carbon composite with aramid layer that gives significant radial strength around the shell, preventing compression but allowing controlled deflection for reducing transmitted impact energy, and providing critical penetration protection
  • this combination of layers is given even greater performance with an epoxy resin bonding that offers the best possible strength and energy management
  • limited outer shell deflection means the energy spreads wider and is better absorbed by the EPS liner
  • the result of the unique shell lay-up process employed in the S-M8 construction results in extremely effective impact protection
  • with a fully equipped helmet testing facility, within Alpinestars Racing Development Center, an exhaustive impact research program has resulted in the Supertech M8 returning linear and oblique impact performance which far improves upon current helmet regulation standard limits

Highly Efficient Impact Energy Management:

  • formed with a multi-density EPS polymer, the energy absorbing layer gives an inner helmet profile which soaks up impact forces dissipated over the outer shell at the point of an impact and provides a shape offering a close and comfortable fit
  • energy absorption performance of the S-M8 is substantially improved by a four section construction that allows for specific densities of polymer to be prepared for different zones around the helmet lining

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS):

  • reduces rotational motion energies that impact the helmet causing damaging gyration force to be transmitted to the brain
  • low friction “slip” layer is incorporated into the Supertech M8 helmet – between comfort padding layer and multi-density polymer energy absorption shell
  • when energy is impacted upon the helmet, causing a rotation force, the MIPS layer allows for movement of the inner absorbtion layer to damp and re-direct the energy before causing significant acceleration stress to the brain
  • mitigates the causes of brain injuries, such as concussion

Emergency Release System (ERS):

  • side cheek padding of the S-M8 can be extracted efficiently and safely, while the helmet is still on the rider’s head
  • allows ease of removal by trackside support and medical staff.

Designed to allow a helmet inflation system (Eject) to be fitted into the inside crown of the shell:

  • along with ERS padding removal, “Eject” allows for emergency removal of the helmet, without putting load on the rider’s spine

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